EAE Elektrik A.Ş., the original company of the EAE Group, was established in 1973.

EAE Elektrik A.Ş products include:

  • Busbar Power Distribution Systems,
  • Lighting Busbar Systems,
  • Cable Tray Systems,
  • Underfloor Trunking,
  • Trolley Busbar Systems.

EAE Elektrik A.Ş. has 4 factories in Esenyurt where the company headquarters is also situated.

EAE Factories 1 – 2 manufacture “Busbar Power Distribution Systems” using cutting-edge technology for domestic and foreign markets. EAE Factories 3-4 manufacture“Cable Tray Systems”.

Having a widespread branch and authorised dealer network in Turkey, EAE Elektrik also exports its products to more than 65 countries.

EAE Elektrik products are used in industrial facilities, the textile industry, business centres, the automotive industry, malls, high-rise buildings, factories and offices, etc.