Indoor busbar trunking systems 32 A


Cable tray module systems


Underfloor busbar systems 63-80 A


Busbar energy distribution systems 400...6300A


A Short History of Busbar Trunking Systems
The busbar trunking system was first introduced in America in the 1930s to meet the needs of the high rise buildings and the changing production technologies in factories. The system started to be used in Japan and Europe in the 1950s. It was EAE Elektrik A.Ş. who started the production and use of busbar trunking systems in Turkey in the 1970s.
E-line KX E-line CR E-line KB E-line KO-II E-line MK
Cable Tray
EAE cable trays are produced on automatic production lines through the "ROLL FORMING" method. Standard tray length is 3m.
Length of E-Line UKS series pre-galvanized cable trays can be up to 6 meters subject to the quantity thanks to the "ROLL FORMING" method. This way, the number of additional sets and bolts is reduced and the labor time spent for the installation is shortened.
E-line UKS-UKFE E-line UKFG-C E-line KM E-line TKS E-line KMH-KMA E-line CT E-line CTK E-line KCA OG E-line TLS
Indoor Installation
It provides flexible and modular solutions with illumination and socket (Mains and UPS) circuits for small power distribution in offices and plants.
E-line FL-FLD DABLINE E-line DK E-line N-DK E-line DL/SL E-line KAM-KAP E-line SMART E-line MULTIBOX
Trolley Busbar
E-Line TB series and URC series Trolley Busbar Systems are designed to supply power to the moving machines. The busbar's brushed (carboniferous) current reception car is mechanically connected to machine and provides uninterrupted power transmission by moving together with the machine.
E-line TB E-line URC
Support Systems
E-Line A-A series and E-Line Seismic Bracket Systems are designed to hold systems such as Busbars, Cable Trays, Cable ladder etc. in buildings and factories, concrete and steel structures In a proper way.
Range of light-duty and heavy-duty brackets is available as per the weight of the system to be held. Support systems may be produced with thicknesses from 2mm to 6mm with Pregalvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized and Painted types as per the type of coating.
E-line A-A E-line BINRAK E-line SEISMIC


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