Busbar Trunking - Flexibility

The small power range busbar systems of E-Line MK series provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity in small-sized enterprises , workshops and industrial facilities.

The MK Busbar range offers cost effective solutions to the requirement for different amounts of energy through the range of plastic tap-off boxes. They are designed to provide energy up to 225A.

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Technical Features

Current ratings: 100A, 160A and 225A
IP55 protection class
Aluminum or copper conductor options
Conductors are fully tin plated
4 or 5 conductors
Plug-in tap off outlets at every 50 cm on both sides as standard
RAL 7038 painted steel enclosure
Clean Earth option

Plug-in type designed for transmission and distribution of electricity in small scale enterprises.

E-Line MK (Small power range Busbar Trunking System ) Pictures

Tap Off Boxes

  • Three phase tap-off boxes with DIN mounted fuse holders (10x38 mm) up to 16A, 40A or 80A (empty or fuse included)
  • Three phase output boxes with 63A D02 plug fuse (empty or fuse included)
  • Tap off boxes with MCB (miniature circuit breaker) rated up to 16A (empty or including the circuit breaker)
  • 80A special Design Data Centre Tap-off boxes

Applications E-Line MK ("Small Power Range Busbar")

  • Small enterprises
  • Local production areas in factories
  • Workshops
  • Textile facilities
  • Automotive facilities
  • Automotive sub-industries
  • Small-sized industrial facilities
  • Malls
  • "Small Power Range Busbar" are used in Large Markets and Data Centres.