Having capacity options from 4 modules up to 16 modules, WSB Wall Mounted Modular Outlet Boxes offer various use options on every type of walls thanks to their modular and interlaced sockets and MCB/RCD cases. MCB/RCD can be controlled any time you want and offers convenience thanks to the transparent inspection cover on the enclosure.

The modular structured 45x45mm mains and UPS sockets and 22.5x45 mm practical and ergonomic socket cases suitable for phone, data and multimedia sockets enable you to save time in regards to their easy installation.

For WSB Wall Mounted Modular Outlet Boxes, which offer options for flush and surface mounted applications, no S/A wall-mounted cases are required for plasterboard type flush applications. Mounting case is available for practical and easy installation in brick and concrete walled flush mounted applications. Modular type interlocked socket cases, DIN rail case for MCB/RCD, socket plates; nylon-6 (PA6), the transparent cover of the MCB/RCD case are made of polycarbonate (PC), front cover and S/A mounting box are made of ABS material, all materials are halogen-free and have flame non-conductivity.

Aesthetic and functional structure with safety, right beside you...

  • Capacity options from 4 Modules to 16 Modules
  • Modular, interlaced socket and MCB/RCD cases
  • Transparent cover for MCB/RCD
  • Ergonomic, easy to mount structure, suitable for modular 45x45 mm mains and UPS sockets and 22,5x45 mm phone, data and multimedia sockets
  • Options for flush and surface mounted application


DIN rail case for MCB/RCD (PA6)


Modular, integrated socket case (PA6)


MCB/RCD plate with transparent cover (PA6+PC)


Modular socket plate (PA6)


Modular socket box, front cover (ABS)


Surface mounted mounting box (ABS)
*F/M back box is not required for flush mounted applications for dry walls.
*For flush mounted applications in brick and concrete wall, F/M wall case back box must be used.

E-LINE WSB-SM (Wall Type Surface Mounted Modular Socket Boxes)

  • Surface Mounted (S/M) 4 Modules
  • Surface Mounted (S/M) 8 Modules
  • Surface Mounted (S/M) 12 Modules
  • Surface Mounted (S/M) 16 Modules

E-LINE WSB-FM (Wall Type Flush Mounted Modular Socket Boxes)

  • Flush Mounted (F/M) 4 Modules
  • Flush Mounted (F/M) 8 Modules
  • Flush Mounted (F/M) 12 Modules
  • Flush Mounted (F/M) 16 Modules

E-LINE WSB-FM (Back Boxes)

Flush mounted application: To use in brick or concrete wall use a suitable F/M back box.

1 - Front Cover
2 - F/M Modular Socket Box
3 - F/M Back Box (Stainless Steel)
*For WSB Wall Type Modular Socket Boxes; MCB/RCD, power sockets (Mains, UPS), data/phone sockets&faceplates and multimedia sockets are not included.
*Please order required sockets from the back page.
*For more detailed information please contact us.


Power Socket (1)-(230V/16
UPS Socket (1)-(230V/16
Telephone/Data cover is compatible with the "Keystone Jack" standard.
Telephone Socket is given as CAT3 RJ11 "Keystone Jack".
Data Socket is given as CAT6 UTP RJ45 "Keystone Jack".
USB 3.0 Adapter, 22,5x45 mm, Female-Female, 90° angled
HDMI Adapter, 22,5x45 mm, Female-Female, 90° angled
VGA Adapter, 22,5x45 mm, Female-Female
USB Charge Adapter 2 Ports, Entry 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Output 5 VDC – 2100mA
Single Cover Plate
Double Cover Plate