Flexibility in Rack Cabinet Power Feeding

Our new DATA RACK BUSBAR addresses to scalability issues for reliable and flexible Moves- Adds-Changes in your data center white space power infrastructures.

Busbar - Data Rack Busbar from EAE

Data Rack Busbar Systems 160...800A

To power the mission critical IT infrastructures on the Data Rack Cabinets, EAE offers a highly flexible and reliable Busbar System to meet the "Scalability" challenge in the Data Centers finding the way to Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs). The Data Rack Busbar also serves for powering and metering of non-standard Cabinet Rows in data centre white space environments. Tap-Off boxes are easily able to plug-in on any point along the busbar, remove and relocate wherever necessary with vendor neutral components for energy monitoring. The choice of AI or Cu up to 6 conductors enables design and budget flexibility while the mono block joint mechanism provides peace of mind for secure and long-life operations.

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Al or Cu - up to 6 Conductors
Whisker Free Tap-Off Contacts
AC or DC Feed
IP23D Protection
Mono Block Joint Mechanism
Snap-In Suspension Mechanism
KD Plug-in 125A Aluminum Case Tap Off Boxes
Tap-Off Boxes with Safe Locking Mechanism
Tap-Off Boxes Energy Monitoring with Vendor Neutral Components

Data Center KD Data Rack Busbar Pictures


  • Data Centers - White Space Area for Standard and Non-Standard Cabinet Rows
  • Data Centers – Low to Medium Range Power Distribution in White Space Areas
  • Data Centers – Open Channel Busbar for High Flexibility with Plug-n-Play Tap-Off Points